Here is #10 and her ram lamb, who was born mid-January. He is almost as big as his mother! They are both doing an interesting second-shed- they shed out earlier, but are shedding again, down to a very, very short coat.

I am enthused about using him for breeding this year, he is turning into a nice ram. I plan to use him on all of Hershey’s daughters. I still want to concentrate a lot of Hershey’s genes into the flock, so I’ll use Hershey on everybody to whom he’s not already related.

Today I put up a ton of hay for winter feeding, while it was on sale at summer prices. I contemplated buying it out of someone’s field, for the best price. But, I didn’t want to load it all myself, and though our flatbed truck is great for hauling, it’s very high. So, it would have been a lot of labor to pitch bales up onto it. And, that truck tends to lose traction on slippery surfaces, when loaded down. So, I opted for the slightly higher priced feed store version. They have a hay loader that grabs ten bales at a time, so they can fill a truck quickly and neatly.

I stored it in my parents’ barn, since we don’t yet have a barn. So, now we’re all set for winter, plenty of hay for when the pastures are all grazed down around December.