Bronte seems to be more clever and interested in “things” than is convenient for a LGD. I would prefer if she were a bit lazier, but she likes to play with objects. First, she was carrying  her feed bowl all over the field, and I had trouble finding it. So, I attached an S-hook to the bowl, and now I chain it to the fence.

brontewithballWhen our septic was being repaired, several people, myself included, were out in her pasture checking out the drainfield, and opening the lids. That drew her attention to the drainfield lids, which she apparently hadn’t noticed before. She pried them all off and chewed them up. I’ve bought new ones, and am thinking of ways I can tie them down so she can’t get them off, but people can.

Today I went out to repair a gate, where I had broken off a board with the tractor, trying to mow too close to the post. The broken piece was missing however, stolen by a sneaky dog…

I’ve been shopping for a “real” toy for her, but I wanted something big enough that it wouldn’t get lost, or run over with the tractor mower. I finally chose a horse toy- a purple  Jolly Ball. She seems to enjoy it, though she wouldn’t play with it in front of me for the camera. The toy is very robust, Maggie squishes and shakes it violently when she gets a hold of it, but it always springs back into shape.

I am always disappointed at how many dog toys are made in red and green colors. Dogs are red-green color blind, so colors in the red-yellow-green end of the spectrum are nearly indistinguishable to them. I always choose blue or purple toys. I think dogs have pretty good visual acuity despite their color-blindness; but I still feel that if you throw a red toy in a big grass field, they have trouble noticing it and have to resort to using their noses.