I got laid off from my job this week. This is the second layoff our company has had since last winter, times are tough out there, everybody knows it, and our company is suffering like many others. Lots of great people got let go last time and this, so I’m in good company. Of course I’m legally constrained about what I can say about that situation that could be construed as negative, so that doesn’t leave anything I can mention. Just suffice to say I’m super excited to be moving on to better opportunities, and thrilled to be getting a severance package to sweeten the deal. Our expenses are low, we have good savings accounts, and I expect to find a new, significantly more rewarding job in a reasonable amount of time. So, the severance package spells a down payment on a new barn for us-yeah!

Several friends have called and emailed to express their condolences over the situation. Someone who got laid off in the last round told me something that I now can confirm- it’s the ones left behind who actually deserve sympathy. They are the ones still wondering if it’ll be them in the next round, wondering if they’re on a sinking ship and if they should take a life raft now before things get worse. And they are stuck doing the work I was doing, in addition to the work they were already doing. It’s always a really demoralizing time after a layoff-I’ve survived a bunch of them there, so I know.

But me- I’m having a great time at home, working on fencing and other projects in between resume writing, job posting reading, and envisioning a new great place to work. Every morning I wake up to this view. Yahoo! Life is good.