imageI’ve been having some crested ducks crop up, somewhere from this mix I have of Magpie, Swedish and Runner. I must have had a duck who carried the gene, but did not express it.

I’m not keen on crested ducks. For one, I don’t like it that humans have purposely bred oddities and mutations into domestic animals, just for the sake of fancy, when there is no utility to the trait. And two, the crest is caused by a skull deformity, and ducklings that get a double dose of the gene will die in the shell due to an incomplete skull formation. Ew! (And I wonder if this is contributing to my poor hatch rates?) And three, I’ve read that cresteds themselves have a low rate of successful breeding. So, I’m going to cull these over time and get back to keeping only Magpies.

But, I will say, this crested duck is kinda cute. She ended up with reasonably decent Magpie markings and a uniformly shaped crest, so she’s a distinctive-looking duck.