Only fellow animal owners can appreciate this best: a Christmas gift from my parents’ neighbor, Dee. It’s a loaf of Dee’s amazing homemade Christmas bread, and a skin staple gun and a bunch of sutures! ;-D

You see, not only is Dee an excellent cook, she’s a hospital nurse. She explains that often hospitals have medical supplies that either pass some expiration date, or are part of an opened package that can’t be used later. This stuff ends up being discarded. Though it’s probably still good stuff, hospitals are careful about following procedures, and rightly so, err on the side of caution when deciding what to keep or throw away. Sometimes the supplies get sent to third world country medical clinics, where someone can put them to good use. But, often small quantities just go in the trash.

So, Dee has brought me several big bags of great medical supplies that can be used on farm animals. Things like sponges and soaker pads, small iodine bottles, needle-less syringe tubes that are great for feeding medicines to animals, latex gloves etc. These are things I’d normally have to purchase from a veterinarian supply catalog, so it’s great to get them for free, and keep them out of the landfill too!

So that’s how I came to get a fun Christmas package from Dee the other day, of yummy bread and a few items for sewing up injured animals! Thanks Dee!