imageYesterday when Bronte got in with the sheep, I made a mental note to  turn the hotwire back on. You see, I’ve had it off for a month or so, to relieve myself of the hassle of keeping the battery charged during the winter months when the solar charger isn’t very effective. It was working fine having it off. The sheep had no reason or desire to get out and mingle with Bronte in the dead grass field, and Bronte has been pretty religiously wary of the hotwire. She is very pain-sensitive for such a gigantic dog.

I forgot to turn the hotwire back on yesterday though. And this morning when I went to feed the sheep, though Bronte was on the “legal” side of the fence, I could tell she’d been in with the sheep earlier.

The sheep, and Bronte, were all muddy; and the sheep pen had a big mud patch that wasn’t there yesterday. One sheep was outside of the Electronet and didn’t know how to get back in. Interestingly, the llama was staying close to that sheep with a protective stance (the llama was still inside the hotwire though). I guess she does try to do her job, however ineffective she is! Spitting at Bronte has as much affect as me hollering at her: none.


There was a section of the Electronet that had been slightly damaged recently. When I was driving with some of the rolls in the ATV, one fell off, I ran over it, it got tangled on the ATV tire and axle, and got ripped-up a bit. I hadn’t fixed it yet.

Well, Bronte apparently got over her fear of the hotwire, and noticed this little damaged section of the fence. So, she did some more damage! She made a giant hole!

Exasperating. image

I tied a couple of quick knots in the fencing to stand it back up, fed the sheep, and went back up to the house to finish other chores. I looked down at the pasture, Bronte was back in with the sheep again, giving them trouble. <groan>

I went down there, had an easier time catching her today, and tied her up. Back to the house, had a cup of coffee and put the fence battery on the charger. Then I found the Electronet repair kits, went down there patched the giant hole, hooked ‘er all back up and turned Bronte loose again. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to repair the “vertical stays” on the Electronet, so that section of the fence is a bit saggy now. Well, Premier probably didn’t design it with dog chewing in mind. :-{

Once free, Bronte checked the whole Electronet fence line with care, then went and laid down at the gate in defeat. I think animals can tell if it’s on without touching it, either they sense the field, or they can hear it pulsing. And I know what this means, what I have done to myself now by providing this learning opportunity to her: Bronte now knows to check the fence, and if it’s off, she’s in! Doh! I never should have left it off for any extended period of time; that was a training mistake.

I still have Mr. Cement Can in the wings, which she’ll have to start wearing if she finds a way to get in with the sheep again! 😀