EggsSome days I don’t find as many eggs as I expect to see, and I get suspicious. It usually means a chicken (or duck) has gotten “broody” and started a nest somewhere in the yard.The other birds seem to follow suit, and add eggs to the nest; so that in a day’s time, most of the eggs I seek are in some secret hiding place rather than in the proper place in the bird houses. This time of year when the days are rapidly lengthening really seems to encourage this secretive nesting behavior.

But it’s kind of fun looking for the spot; not unlike Easter, there is a certain triumph in finding hidden eggs!

Here is a rather poorly chosen nest in a wet and muddy place with very little shelter or cushion. It was on the edge of a hill, and some eggs rolled out of the nest down into the driveway. Which was the hint I needed to see the nest up above! 😀