fields Flood Control came through and graded our fields yesterday. The bulldozer barely fit through our gates, I mean, there was absolutely no clearance! The blade was grazing the gates and posts and barely sliding through.  It was a testament to the driver’s ability and patience that he got in, and out, without major destruction! One gate did sustain damage, but fortunately, the weak link that broke was the hinge bolt embedded in the post: it sheared right off. So, that’s an $8 fix, np.

It will be so nice to be able to mow and drive on these sections of our fields. The operator did a great job of smoothing, but such a huge dozer isn’t much for finish work, it leaves very big track marks. I have been wanting to buy a field harrow anyway, so I think I’ll  pick one up this week so we can smooth everything out.

I put the sheep back in their regular grazing rotation. I opted to go ahead and include the muddy area inside their fence, just because it’s easier for me to not have to move the water tanks and hoses from that end of the field. Of course, the sheep chose to spend a bunch of time in the raw dirt versus staying on the grassy end, and now they all look filthy! Oh well!

And, just for fun, a cute lamb picture. Twins napping together…