WedLambsWednesday brought one set of twins, also out of an experienced ewe. I was around for this birth too, and it was pretty uneventful.

Other than the fact that she was just walking around casually with a burst fetal sack hanging out of her, and nothing really happening. I imagine that these slow, drama-less births are just fine and would usually result in success, as long as the umbilical cord stays attached until the very end. If I weren’t home, I’d never know this was going on!

But I don’t like waiting around while that lamb is sitting at the end of the birth canal, maybe getting oxygen, maybe not. So, I gave her some time, but then eventually I pulled both of these lambs. They were both right at the exit door, just not emerging! They came out easily and were presented correctly. They probably didn’t need my help, but I just keep thinking, that’s $200 parked in there, I don’t want to wait to find out if it’s suffocating!

This set was a brown ewe with black shading, and a white ram with brown ears and some nose spots.

That’s thirteen lambs from seven ewes so far, with nine ewes left to go. #33 and the Jacob ewe are both keeping me in suspense, each on day #154 of their pregnancies. They are not following the spreadsheet and going in order of when they were bred like the rest of the ladies are! I hope the lambs are alive and nothing is amiss, and that they are just keeping them longer than typical. #33 is as big as the Titanic, and not moving around too quick. She looks uncomfortable no matter what position she’s in, here she is taking a nap in the sun.