ChocolatesLambs Twin lambs this morning, from another one of #KRK33’s yearling triplet daughters, this is #KMC904. She had them early, on day 144, and they are also a bit small, in the 6 lb range. But healthy and strong. The white one is a ewe, the brown one a ram. It’s so hard to get good pictures of newborn lambs, as the mother keeps trying to shuttle them away from disturbance, so I mostly get shots of the back ends of all three!

I’m keeping track of gestation durations this year, just out of curiosity. Well, and to reduce my suspense in the future by quantifying what’s typical for my flock. 😉

The average (of my small sample) so far is 146.33 days; so that seems like on the short end of the wide range that some sources cite, 141-159 days, with 148 being the theoretical average or median (I’m not sure which).

But, #33 and the Jacob sheep are confounding me. They were both marked on the first day, 10/22, which puts them at day #156 today. I am wondering if they were going out of heat the first day in with the rams and missed getting impregnated, such that they cycled again and were actually bred last? I didn’t have a very good crayon-color changing strategy last time, so it would have been hard for me to tell if they were tagged again 17 days after the first day of breeding.

This fall, I’m going to use more crayon colors and switch them from light to dark colors every 17 days, so I’ll know better if ewes were re-bred because they didn’t take the first time. This still isn’t a perfect system, because ewes don’t all go into heat exactly every 17 days. Some might cycle quicker, and thus could get re-bred with the same color of crayon and I wouldn’t know it. I guess you just can’t altogether remove the mysteries of nature! 🙂

Seven more ewes to go. I’m getting a bit tuckered! Last night I almost forgot to check on them before bed and was sooo tempted to skip it. But I made myself go down there in the cold anyway. And of course, nothing!