RamLambThis morning I was pleased to find twin ram lambs, all clean, nursing and up-and-at-‘em. Nicely done, #908. She is a smallish ewelamb, and her twin sister already lambed with a single. So I was pleased to see she had twins. They were two Tiny Tims, just over six pounds each, born on day 145 of the pregnancy, so kinda early. But healthy and strong. They really are extra cute when they are tiny like that…

SpookysLambs The mama had everything under control, but was super skittish and agitated. The first-timers are always so over-protective of their lambs, so worried if the lambs get more than five feet away, or if I do anything to them. Their panic button is easily pushed, and they reach near-hysteria very quickly! After they’ve had experience lambing, they are much more relaxed, and have better judgment about what is a true threat to their lambs. It was hard to photograph her with them, the whole time she was nervously saying to them get away from that lady! and trying to herd them off in a different direction.

blueandgreenbutt_thumb[1]This ewe was one I discussed last fall when evaluating the effectiveness of the ram marking harnesses for forensic analysis of breeding incidents (er, accidents)! I had a jailbreak, and both rams bred her (you can see blue and green on her in the picture…), so I don’t know who is the father of these rams. But at least I knew she was bred, and when  she was due.

I’m glad she had rams. I would not consider her sons for breeding, as she is just a bit of a small ewe and she’s out of a small ewe; so her genes are not good enough for passing on to a whole raft of progeny through a sire. If she’d had ewe lambs and they seemed nice enough to keep for breeding, I would have had this conundrum: the expense of DNA parentage testing them to register them, and then the possibility that she was bred by her own father. That would give me more inbred animals than I’d like to keep for breeding (though they are fine for eating!). So, this way’s good, I’ll castrate these two right away, and they’ll definitely be slated for the dinner table!