Oh yeah, gotta love results like this in your inbox! These are scrapie gene DNA tests I sent in for my triplet dude ram lambs, and the black-ish ram lamb that was also triplet-born.

RR means that all of their progeny will be scrapie-resistant, so they are desirable as herd rams. Well, in fact, because RR is pretty common in our breed, I think people would be nuts to bother using a ram that’s not RR. So, it’s hard to sell a Katahdin ram for stud if he’s not. In other breeds, RR is rarer, so people still often have to use QR rams to avoid over-narrowing the gene pool.

I love this DNA testing lab, Biogenetic Services. I mailed the cards last Friday, and got the results via email today, so it’s a nice and quick turnaround. $11 per test, and $2.50 for the blood cards. I use a regular diabetic skin lancet to draw blood in their ear, dab it on the card, and send it off in a regular mailing envelope. It’s so easy.

I still really shake my head over the dog show world’s way: you ‘hafta attend a scheduled DNA blood draw, or pay to have a vet do it, pay $200+ for the patented test, send the blood in a costly overnight box, blah blah. It’s too bad AKC doesn’t wield its political power to shut down that profit machine and make DNA testing reasonably priced and easily accessed for breeders everywhere. Humph. I tried to influence it where I could while I was on the Border Collie parent club board, but nobody else seemed very interested in the topic.

The sire of all these ram lambs is RR. The black-ish ram lamb’s mother is QR, so it was a gamble what her lambs would be- there is a 25% chance of a QR in each baby, no? #10, the mother of the triplet gang of bro’s I have not tested. But this makes four RR rams in a row she’s produced when bred to an RR sire. So I’m guessin’ she’s an RR as well, though maybe it’s just been four lucky rolls in a row!

Cool beans. I’m schemin’ how I may keep one of those triplet fellas.