Twins We had a birthing lull for a day, which was nice, since I spent quite a bit of time trying to boost the six tiny lambs. Last night another set of twins was born, on her 147th day of gestation. These are out of another Montana ewe, #ADS0038, a hefty-sized yearling. A dark chocolate ewe with the black legs/head coloration, 8 lbs 11 oz; and a white ram with tan ear spots, 10 lbs 2 oz. She did a fine job, delivering them while we were watching a movie, and she was all done when I went to do the before-bed check!

The tiny lambs are all doing much better, now that they are jugged with their mothers and can eat every two minutes, if they choose. I gave them all four extra bottle feedings yesterday, and will cut them back to two today so that their mothers can rise to meet the increasing demand. I also gave them a few doses of Nutri-drench, to help boost their energy.

A couple of them really embraced the bottle and guzzled quite a bit of milk each feeding, but the rest aren’t so keen on it and only take a little. When I handle them all now, they are departing from ragdoll behavior and acting more like broncos. So, that’s good! They should be on the way to grower-hood! I figure when they hit 7 lbs or so, I’ll set them free again and see how they do in tracking down the milk wagon when they want it.

Four more ewes left to deliver. I have decided that #33 and the Jacob were surely not bred the first time they were marked, as today is day #159 for them. That’s way too late for a girl who’s clearly incubating at least triplets. So, now I figure Thursday the 1st would be day 144, if they went back into heat 17 days after their first marking.

It figures. I have concerns that #33 could have quads. If that were to happen, it would have been ideal if it happened early, such that I could graft one of them on to some ewe who was lambing later. But, wouldn’t it be my luck if she lambed last, and then had quads, and I’d have one bottle baby out of the lot of them! 😛