JPSLambbs Last night I was soooo tired and ready for bed at around 10pm. I drug myself outside in the chill to do a lamb check, hoping not to find any. But, of course, I did. This is #JPS90224, from Jody Ouradnik in Ephrata, a girthy yearling ewe. She had two big babies, almost too big for my tastes. This was her 147th day of gestation.

The lambs are: a funny-colored ewelamb with both black and brown spotting (10 lbs, 5 oz) and a ram lamb, dark chocolate with white hind socks, tail and a big blaze (12 lbs, 6 oz). It’s funny to think that these lambs are about double the size of the tiny ones who were also born to yearling ewes! I pulled the second one, because he was huge, emerging slowly, and I wanted to go to bed! 🙂 But, my help probably was not needed, he came out easily enough with a good pull.

While I was out there, the rest of the sheep were all bedded down. Except #33, who was kind of wandering around idly, eating minerals, and nuzzling my face in a lovey-dovey fashion. So, I thought she might be going into labor. I went to bed, set the alarm for midnight, and got my tired self up to check. Nope, nothing, she was bedded back down and snoozing. I am watching her most carefully, since triplet+ births can be the most complicated. Hopefully I’ll be there when she goes into labor, so I can intervene if there is any difficulty.