So of course the height of my suspense has been #KRK33, because she looked even huger than last year, and then she fooled me about when she was due. I really wondered if she might have quads this time. Part of the reason she looks so much like a hippopotamus is that she is cobby-bodied and short-legged, and also just kind of a saggy older girl. So, the pregnancy just sticks out to the side, and hangs down on her in the most unflattering of ways. And it’s quite uncomfortable-looking.

Above, Kirk is laughing at how big she was, and how lazy she had become- she normally doesn’t let people touch her, but getting up had started to pose too much of a hassle. And, she enjoyed a little neck massage whenever we’d give her some attention. 😉 She definitely had some achy spots from hauling around all that weight, and would grunt and groan and stick her lip out when we’d hit them with some rubbin’!

So, finally, she lambed Friday morning- second to last to lamb (with the Jacob bringing up the rear). She had them all up and nursing when I fed in the morning at about 6:30am. And, the outcome couldn’t have been more boring: three solid white ram lambs. 😀

These are sired by our youngster ram, #KMC900. I mostly used him on the ewelambs, but I let him breed #33 and also #HHS116, who lambed on Thursday. I already had five ewelambs out of them and Hershey, so I thought I’d give the young guy a chance on a couple of mature ewes, just to get a little more data on what he throws. I’m glad I did, because judging by the ewelambs, I might have suspected his lambs had low birth weights. But, these triplets were ok (not great, but good enough), and Thursday’s lambs were good-sized. So, the three sets of small twins I had was probably due to their mothers being smaller and immature, and also lambing very early.

This set of triplets had a real inconsistency in size: a little one at 5 lbs 11 oz, a medium one at 6 lbs 9 oz, and a large one at 8 lbs 9 oz. The little one was having trouble competing with the other two hogs, so now that is of concern today. But I’ll write more about him in a bit! And get some pictures, too. Am catching up after a couple of busy days!