IceMakerf Our relatively new "French-door style refrigerator is awesome, and we love it. But it has a design flaw in the ice maker tray. You know how automatic ice makers have a wire thingy on a spring, so that when the ice level goes down, the wire thingy goes down, and this triggers a switch to make more ice?

Well, ours has one of those, of course. But when you pull open the drawer that has the ice bin, a few of the ice cubes on the top layer will hit the wire thingy and not come forward with the drawer. Instead they get knocked backwards and fall behind the drawer. They slide down the inside back of the freezer and shoot out from the bottom front just like coins from a slot machine! And the odds of winning are much better than at the casinos.

And this is where Maggie says, “that’s not a bug, that’s a feature!!!” 😀


MaggieAndIce In the eight months that we’ve owned the fridge, Maggie has mastered all things related to ice cubes. Before this fridge, I don’t think she knew or cared about ice cubes. But now that she has discovered the brief but enjoyable potential for fetching play that ice cubes provide, she is all over it. If she sees anyone getting a glass out of the cupboard or getting up from the couch to potentially refill an empty glass, she is instantly at that freezer drawer perfectly positioned to snatch any slot machine deliveries. And then she likes you to kick the cube across the floor like a hockey puck, so she can go scrambling after it while it ricochets off the walls. MaggieInIceMaker

As you may know, we unfortunately cannot keep dog toys in the house, because the dogs will drive us crazy with them. Kirk says the ice cubes are perfect: Maggie can have a few minutes of play, but then the toy melts, and she has to leave him alone after that. 😀 Now if only she could sing, she would surely hum the bar, “… so he said let’s run and we’ll have some fun, now before I melt away…”