Here is a little interspecies communication and interaction. Sheep are interested in dog kibble. To them, it’s enough like grain that they’ll at least try to nibble on it, if not completely hog it down. Here is our white ram scoping out Moses’ dinner; a moment later, he stuck his head into the bowl. And Moses did not appreciate this! He let the ram know with a big growl and an air snap at his face.

So here is the ram saying I get the point, you’re not sharing your kibble. But he’s not exactly backing down. He didn’t move his feet, only shifted his face and weight away from Moses. He stood there, planted for a minute, as if sending the message that he would only be bullied so far. Moses was satisfied and kept eating, and eventually the ram wandered off, realizing the little standoff was over.

Later, Kitchen Lamb stuck his head in Moses’ bowl and Moses didn’t react. So presumably he was exercising good judgment about what an appropriate reaction is for a tiny lamb versus a big ram.RamLeaningAway

Moses is still doing fine with his lamb charges. When I got home form work yesterday, a small part of me feared finding lame sheep, or worse. But everyone was hanging out, completely boring, just the way I like to see things. And I noticed as Moses walked by the llama, she barely reacted. Usually her big annoyance-meter ears will flatten at the very approach of Bronte. But she must have decided this big white dog is better than that other one, because her ears didn’t flicker an inch, and she just kept on grazing. 😉