Sheetrock1We have been tackling some projects in our upstairs, which has been patiently waiting to be finished for nearly three years. We decided to hire someone to tape the sheetrock. It’s hard to do a nice job on smooth walls, we weren’t keen on doing the ceiling above the staircase, and we figured it would be nice to have this piece get done fast. But of course booking a contractor created other due dates for us.

The upstairs is filled with stuff, which is what happens when you have an unfinished space in your house. And we also don’t have a garage, so that’s where we’ve been putting all the stuff you’d normally put in a garage. In order for the tapers to work, we moved all of the stuff into one room. That’s how I spent most of the previous weekend, was cramming the smaller bedroom with everything, and doing a major vacuum job.

During last week, the tapers finished the bathroom, hallway, stairwell, the big master bedroom. That meant this weekend we needed to move everything out of the second bedroom into the master bedroom, so they could tape the second bedroom.taping2But before we did that, I wanted to get the floor installed, so that we didn’t move that darn stack of flooring wood one more time! So, we spent much of the weekend laying the floor in the master bedroom. It went fairly quickly with two of us working. We started with me nailing and Kirk cutting, then switched partway through. Here it is going down. It doesn’t look very impressive yet, as this is salvage fir flooring from another house, and it has paint overspray on it. But of course that will sand right off when we refinish it. This wood appears to have been covered with carpet a good portion of its eighty+ year lifetime, so it’s in great shape.


We got it all done, including hauling hundreds of pounds of sheetrock leftovers downstairs and outside. These scraps have been sitting there since the upstairs was ‘rocked in 2006. We weren’t sure if we could make use of the scraps, and we also just never got to disposing of them, so there they sat. We finally decided it wasn’t worth moving them to and fro any longer. Sheetrock is inexpensive, and usually you don’t want to use scraps where whole sheets would fit, since it increases the amount of taping work needed. It’s not likely that we could make use of these, and storing them doesn’t seem justified given our small amount of space, so they are going to the landfill.

The tapers have been doing a good job so far, they are fast and efficient, and skilled. I can tape, but I find it challenging. My wrists aren’t strong enough to handle a wide trowel for very long, and I find I have to do many, many thin layers to reproduce what a good taper can do in a couple of passes. So it was worth paying  a professional to whip this out, their neat lines and little sanding mess remind that this trade is not something learned overnight.

This week, the tapers should finish the remaining bedroom, and then we’ll be ready to paint the walls and sand the floors. The last bedroom still needs flooring laid, but we don’t have enough wood left to finish it. So we’ll have to procure some more. But that’s usually not hard, since we have multiple salvage stores in our area.

Today I am very sore from all that bending over and lifting, I’ll be glad to be a chair jockey today! 🙂