KMC0004 Premier’s latest newsletter had some good articles on parasite control in small ruminants. It seems to reiterate what’s being recommended by many experts now: quit de-worming all of your animals all the time, because you just accelerate the process of creating resistant parasite strains in your flock (and ruining de-wormers for everybody else). That decades-old technique of over-de-worming is now passé.

One of the authors raises a good point about bringing new animals onto your farm: that even if you are doing great parasite management at home, if you buy an animal from an old-school worm-everything-all-the-time person, that animal will import resistant parasites onto your place. So this may be one good time to de-worm incoming animals with two different wormers, to really kill off everything they have. Then let them start fresh on your place with the worm population you are managing, with which you are hopefully comfortably co-existing.