CatTick The other day, I noticed a white thing in the cat’s eye, and went to pick it outta there, thinking it was a grass seed. But it didn’t budge. It was a big, engorged tick lodged in her eyelid.

We have ticks in the Northwest, but I sure don’t see them often, so this was a bit of a novelty. Well, that’s what farm living does to you, you take keen interest in things like parasites. 😀 I remember one dog and one cat each getting one tick in my childhood. And, I even had one in my head when I was a gradeschooler, from too much play in the woods. But I haven’t seen one in years!

I did the old-school thing of touching it with a recently lit, hot match. The theory is that it irritates the tick and makes it back out of its grip in the skin. I have no idea if that’s a valid method or a wives’ tale. But anyway, it’s a good challenge to hold an angry cat in one hand while handling a lit match near her eye with the other. 😉

Then I used tweezers to extract the little bugger, and he did come out pretty easily, so maybe the match encouraged him. I could see his little legs kicking in the air. And I was successful in getting the head to come with it. That’s the goal, because if broken off and left behind in the skin, it can sometimes cause an infection.

I managed to get a pretty good picture of the tick with my modest point-and-shoot camera. With just the tick on a piece of paper, the camera’s auto-focus, even  set in macro-mode,  could not cope with trying to zero-in on such a tiny subject. But once I placed the tweezers end near it, that gave the camera enough of a clue on where to look.