The brown ewe which appeared to have facial eczema, a toxic reaction to a fungus that grows in perennial ryegrass, has recovered completely. I was surprised at how fast the hair grew back on her face. There are a few remnants of healing on her ears, where the deepest fissures were, but there is almost no evidence left of the illness. I’m not sure if the treatment I used helped, or whether she would have recovered anyway.

I gave her five vitamin B injections in five days. Topical goldenseal seemed to help her skin flare-ups settle down nicely. I also did homeopathic silicea for five days. I did not end up needing antibiotics, as it was clear she was improving daily.

She is a pretty good ewe, so I’m glad she came through OK. Since it’s possible she sustained liver damage from the incident, I’ll still keep an eye on her health in following years.