Here are our two turkeys, they are growing well. I am not certain of their sexes yet. But the Royal Palm spends most of his days trying to puff up and look big (despite his juvenile feather development); and the Bourbon Red never bothers. So I’m guessing that’s a good hint that one  is a boy and one a girl!

They are now roosting on top of the poultry A-frames at night, which is fine, they’re plenty safe up there. I wonder if they’ll change their minds during inclement weather? They are all also enclosed by electrified Electronet. So, I don’t worry about any of them at night now, they can choose to sleep in their houses or under the stars, for all I care.

I had tried letting my new baby ducks loose in the fenced enclosure, as they are 3 weeks old now and good-sized. But the brown turkey was clearly shooting for killing the ducks, and even managed to get one in her beak and shake it before I gave her a boot to make her stop. So, the ducklings will have to stay in confinement for a while longer, until they are big enough to command her respect.