COncretePouredHere are some more pictures of our barn going up, it’s been 2.5 weeks since they began. It’s amazing how fast pole buildings shape up. So far, the job has been really boring, which was my wish. Meaning that no problems have arisen. FirstTruss

Sometimes in hiring construction crews, things are less than boring. Calls at work saying we just accidentally smashed into the house with the excavator and severed the front porch roof or we ran into some trouble with your site that’s going to cost a LOT extra money and need to you decide this instant how to handle it or the inspector was out and left a stop-work-order because he, in error, thought we were doing something wrong or every single one of the trusses they sent is defective or this crew is having a cat fight with the other crew and neither one will work together in the same space unless you come down here immediately and sort it out between grown men. (And I’ve had all of those calls before. Smile)Trusses

So, hooray, nothing like that has happened so far, boringness is good on a construction job. Just two guys working hard every day, looking like they know what they’re doing, progress made, ahead of schedule, and no phone calls or other little incidents. Knock on wood that it goes that way through completion of the project!

They anticipate being done Christmas week. Here is the start of the roof trusses.


Here is the edge of one of the shed dormers, you can see the roof pitch change from 9:12 to 5:12.


A view from the pasture as the purlins go on.


Most of the purlins are done, and the eave pieces and ridgeline.


Another view of the shed dormer section, this is the back of the building.