Our turkeys are looking mature. Initially I thought the Bourbon Red was a hen, as she stayed plain-feathered for the longest time, never displaying. The Royal Palm displayed his feathers constantly from an early age. But now they are clearly both toms. They are quick to spot a stranger on the property, puff up and gobble-gobble. Their heads turn a most peculiar shade of turquoise and their neck waddles flush with blood during this display. They can turn their tail fans at different angles, to impress a wide audience.

Their tail feathers are looking a little beleaguered these days from the winter weather and mud. But they are still an impressive display. The chickens take no notice of the slow strutting around, they continue about their business, scuttling around the turkeys as if they were statues. The turkeys seem to notice this, eyeballing the passing chickens and renewing their puffing with more energy than ever.

We weighed them before Thanksgiving- 14 pounds. We’ll give them a little more time.