GirtsThe girts are going up on our barn this week, and they are starting to frame in some of the doors and windows. The girts are just 2×6 boards nailed to the outside of the posts. Some styles of pole building notch the posts so the girts are flush-mounted, but this design calls for them to be on the outside.

They put up all the girts first, then plant posts where doors are going to go, nail the girts to the posts, then cut the girts out of the doorway and frame it in. Here is the beginning of a garage door opening: GarageDoor

And two more garage doors taking shape:


Here are where windows will go:


You can see the horizontal girts nailed perpendicular to the exterior girts. These are mirror-imaged to frame around a window. Elsewhere we are having these style of girts installed to support sheetrocking part of the interior. I have heard them called different things, “commercial girts” and “T-girts” (though they really make more of a shape of an L). Some pole buildings don’t have them- it’s cheaper to exclude them if there will be no interior walls. But they do add shear strength and increased wind resistance. And it would be tedious to try to add them later from the inside, as they are ideally nailed from the outside before the metal siding goes up.

Now it is looking less like a riding arena and more like a barn!


They anticipate another two weeks of work, but spread out a bit because of the holidays. We have to do some trenching to accommodate some plumbing that will go under the concrete floors. We will be installing some hose bibs, floor drains, a couple of industrial-sized sinks, and a small bathroom.


Kirk and his dad checking out the progress: