So far, seven lambs on the ground, and six boys! Can you believe it?  I’m glad I have more coming, it would be nice to have at least a few ewelambs to choose from for replacements! C’mon girls, I want girls!


The weather has been miserable, driving, pouring rain almost solid the last several days. I’m doing multiple loads of laundry per day, changing into dry clothes constantly, and washing towels and lamb jackets. Our drainage ditches are swollen, and the pasture has standing water in it. The mallards are the only ones appreciating it.

I waffled about what to do with the sheep now that lambing has commenced. Keep adding hundreds of dollars of bedding to their mud hole sacrifice area where it’s convenient to feed? Move them to the far pasture, which has 4” grass that they’ll trash, and not be able to see them from the house? Or start them rotating in the RCG field, which has about a 1/2” of grass, to at least reduce the mud and keep them closer by and where I can see them? I opted for the latter. I am just so. sick. of. mud. Lots of people want to visit and hold the lambs, so I’d really prefer that they are not filthy. Smile with tongue out So I’m sacrificing the RCG grass, which is going to take a hit from being grazed and trampled so early. Choices, choices.

Last year, I learned a lesson when I rotated them away from the road, then had to move them allll the way back towards the road to get them into the next pasture. Moving mothers with brand new babies is ridiculous. So this year I got smarter, I’m starting them at the furthest end and rotating them towards the culvert where they’ll cross to hit the second pasture when they’re done with this one. So this meant I only had to deal with three crazy mothers in a major move, not 28 of them! Indeed, those three would not move, I had to put their lambs in slings and hovercraft them to the new area, to get their dams to follow. It took me all afternoon to get them situated. But at least now they are in a tidier spot.

This morning, the rain finally ceased and the sun came out for a little bit. Thank goodness. Everything is just so more pleasant when it’s dry. I will say that it has been reasonably warm, despite the rain. That is good. Last year my lambing season was so blessed- tons of green grass and many sunny days. Only one nasty storm right at the end. But it’s not lookin’ so good this year. The forecast is calling for rain all week. Lovely.

I feel like I might be getting the flu, my body aches and I am nauseated. Yikes! Am going to try to do some napping and take some meds, to ward off the worst of it so I can keep going.