33InJail_thumb[1]This is #33. In jail. Because she tried to rob a lamb from another mother. The twins were born Sunday evening to a two-year-old ewe who knows what she’s doing, and she was caring for them just fine on her own. But when I went out to feed Monday morning, I was puzzled to see #33 standing with a dried-off-looking lamb, nickering to it and trying to get it to nurse. I thought maybe she was giving birth, but then in the half dawn, rubbing my tired eyes, thought wait, that baby looks like the one born yesterday, with brown ears. And awfully day-old looking for a newborn. And I see no birthing fluids. Yep. Stolen child.

StolenBaby_thumb[1]This is a problem because #33 could use up her colostrum on this lamb before her own are born. And she looks like she’s carrying triplets again, so she’ll need all her milk for her own family. She doesn’t need to go shopping for more kids. But it’s amazing how sheep brains work, she was insistent, adamant that this was her lamb. Absolutely in love with it. I could not take it away, or take her away. Every time I tried to return it to its mother, who thankfully still recognized it, #33 would dive in the middle and scuttle it away. If I moved it, she called out to it in distress. The lamb was a little confused about two mothers both coaxing it. So I put the rightful family in another pen briefly, just to reassure everyone about their correct relations and make sure that lamb was nursing on his proper mother. All good now.