LGDsWrestlingI have been SO sick the last couple of days. When I was in college, I had e. coli, and this illness, whatever it was, rivaled it in severity and symptoms. I am finally getting back to functional again after doing the bare minimum to care for everything while I felt the worst. The weather is improving, no rain yesterday or today, phew! That gave some opportunity for picture taking. Funny, wrestling guard dogs, above. They are pretty immune to weather of all kinds, but I think even they were cheered by the signs of spring.

Being pregnant is not all that glamorous, it would seem there is just no comfortable way to lay down with two or three (or four?) full term fetuses and a giant udder getting in the way.


Oof. I found a ewe stuck on her back this morning. That is another good reason to check on them every few hours, this predicament can be lethal if not righted soon enough.


I used a white ram for about half of my breedings, so I’m getting a lot of white lambs, some with little spots. I haven’t seen any official genetic study on Katahdin coloring (and hopefully nobody is wasting money doing one, because we should really care about color on a meat sheep), but I think white is dominant. So if you breed white to white, you always get white. A white sheep with colored ancestry bred to colored gives 75% white offspring. Colored to colored gives a 50/50 chance of either. Is that what others of you experience? This is a homebred ewe of mine with twin ram lambs.


A little ewelamb resting.


I like this singleton ram lamb born to a maiden ewe. He is very substantial feeling, and shaped like a Clydesdale, with big, shaggy feet. He might get to keep his balls for a little while. Winking smile


Lambs seem to instinctively want to practice climbing obstacles early on. A molehill will do if there are no mountains to try.


A lazy day.


The lamb count so far: thirteen total: nine boys, five girls out of eight ewes, 20 ewes left to give birth. I’m counting on the triplet mamas yet to lamb, to improve the average, both in conception rate and girl count!