MadHatterThus far, I’ve just had two orphan reared lambs. The bummer ewelamb is growing really well, so I think she’s actually benefitting from shopping around and getting milk from multiple dams. She is especially conniving at taking advantage of ewes who are distracted. Like when they are giving birth. Smile A couple of times I’ve been fooled in thinking a young ewe had twins, only to see this she-devil stroll away with a bloody head after sneaking a good meal.

MadHatter2She reeks of urine from her back-end nursing habit. When I submit her EBV statistics to NSIP, I’ll have to put her in her own management group, to account for the fact that she’s benefitting from multiple maternal milk sources. But I have to give her an A+ for cleverness at working the system. I don’t think most lambs would have the persistence and caginess to make a living entirely off of stealing milk. I’d been giving her a bottle, but have not convinced her to move to the bucket teats. Since she’s near weaning age already, I’m just going to let her be.

KL1Kitchen Lamb II is doing fine. He was really ready to move outside after a day or two in the house, as he took to bucket nursing handily. His mother didn’t want him back. I was busy, catching up from being sick, and put off getting him relocated. I did take him everywhere when I went outside, to get him to exercise and acclimate to being out, even in the dark. He followed dutifully, over hill, dale, and bridge.


Finally after a week I got him back out in the pasture, set up with his milk bucket hung on a dog ex-pen. He is such a laid back lamb, he accepted the circumstances with little complaint. He still follows me around when I’m out there, but respects the hotwire and stays put when I leave. He has been great to have around when visitors come, since he is so cuddly. I guess every year should have a Kitchen Lamb to serve as lamb ambassador.

Maggie will miss cleaning up his poop, and the intrigue of having a fragile, naïve, bleating animal in the house that she could kill and shake like a ragdoll, if only it were allowed. But she will not miss him taking her favorite spot in front of the wood stove.