I got an email a while back from a fellow who wanted to borrow a lamb for a marriage proposal. In the back of my mind, I was thinking about fraternity pranks and other dubious reasons for a person to want to borrow a lamb. But no, this was a legit request. Nathan came out to the farm to “meet” the assigned ovine accomplice, and told me enough of the story that I was convinced this was an awesome plan.

His fiancée-to-be loves lambs, he explained, so he really wanted to work one into the proposal. His plan was to get her to go hunting for a Christmas tree in the woods, and at some point, they would arrive at a pre-determined and pre-decorated place where Nathan could flip on some Christmas lights and lead out the ring-bearing lamb (supervised by his brother, hiding in the trees) and pop the question.

This time of year, it’s hard to find small lambs, most of them are grown and gone by fall. Serendipitously, I had one bottle lamb from the spring that stayed little. He’s tame, friendly, lug-able, and clean compared to a lot of my woolier sheep. So off he went in a dog crate with Nathan’s brother, Josh, for an overnighter with the proposal scheming crew. I sent along a dog ex-pen, water bucket, bag of hay, some shavings and a lead rope and collar. Pretty much all a travelin’ lamb needs.

And here they are, the adorable trio. I love how Nathan’s knee is damp!

NathanAndCristenLike all tame lambs, this one’s a talker, but the Proposal Crew reported that he cooperated and was quiet when needed, not causing any suspicious noises during the hiding phase. Judging by the wisp of buttercup in his mouth, I suspect he used the down time as an opportunity to snack. All in a day’s work for a sheep, I guess.

Congratulations to Nathan and Cristen, what a fun day to remember, and thanks for sharing pictures with us! Cute, huh?