Last Thursday, one early-bird lamb was born in the barn. My favorite kind: the kind I sleep through, and by the time I show up, the lamb is up, dry, clean and well-fed. Smile This is a yearling ewe, I thought her markings were weird when she was born last year- they are kind of like a poorly-marked Boer goat. So it’s curious that this ram lamb inherited a nearly identical pattern. Genetics are funny that way.

This ewe I had brought inside with others because she was a little lean, and she looked like she was carrying twins. I decided to err on the conservative side when choosing which ones to bring in for coddling. This one turned out not needing it, she’ll have no problem raising a single, piece of cake! So they are back outside in the General Population, as Kirk likes to call it.

It’s been a quiet first few days of lambing. The weather has been mostly beautiful, so I imagine the sheep are all waiting  until a crappy, rainy day to lamb in the pasture, just for my sake! Winking smile So far, we have a set of teeny, spunky triplets and big twins; all doing fine in the pasture. And this morning, a compromised lamb who needed aid. A story for another day! Five ewes down, twenty-nine to go!