A long time ago, the Ewe Win blog wrote an interesting post about two distinct body types they get in Katahdin lambs, and it generated a lot of good discussion. I’d not had any such extreme variances, until now. This year, I got one of the strange “B types” discussed there. Just look at him, he looks like a baby camel, or a whippet, or a praying mantis. Or something. In my mind, I’ve been calling him the Dromedary Lamb.

He has a regular-looking ewe sibling. And, as cited in the post above, even though he looks skeletal, he was a full two pounds heavier than his twin at birth, And, they appeared to have similar-sized frames. Peculiar! It would seem perhaps that heavy bone gives a scale advantage, even if it doesn’t come with the musculature we desire.

In the photo below, he’s next to some very standard-looking lambs, and you can see the stark contrast in type. He always stands kind of hunched, as if he doesn’t yet know what to do with all of that running gear.

His dam is a short-legged fatty out of my fatty from Montana. He is out of my new lunker of a ram, who is out of a fancy White Post Farm sire. I have no idea if that has anything to do with it, but I can sort of imagine the sire looking like this as a lamb. All legs and joints and angles and long everything. And, no…. I’m not sure how to capture what he’s missing- fleshiness? It doesn’t help that his baby wool is tight and crimpy, accentuating his gigantic bone structure.

I can’t decide if he’s my worst, weirdest lamb that should just be castrated and sold as a butcher lamb; or if he’s some amazing outlier that will blow the NSIP growth metrics out of the water. We shall see, I’m trying to keep an open mind. But he sure is odd looking!