I weaned a few ewelambs early for a buyer who already had them picked out and paid for, and needed to come get them this weekend. I did it in the barn so that the girls would be ready for pickup in an easy location. I brought them up with their dams, let them spend a couple of days together in the pen, then split them up.

The ewelambs whined and stuck their heads through the divider, but never managed to find a way to squeeze through. I put them and the two remaining pregnant ewes on alfalfa on one side, and gave the drying-off ewes modest grass hay on the other.

After a week of this, the lambs had adjusted to their new feeding regimen, the ewes had built up back-pressure in their udders necessary to trigger drying off, and I kicked the adult ladies back outside.

I’m using a bucket with a hole cut in the side to give the weaning lambs free access to dry COB grain. The adult ewes get a measured amount twice a day, which they consume immediately. It works great. It drives the adult ewes batty, because they know there is grain in there, inches from their noses. But they cannot fit their snouts in there far enough to lick it up.

The sold ewes went to their new home today; a small hobby farm/pet home. The nicest kind. Though the ewes are always a little stressed by getting loaded up into a strange truck; I didn’t feel bad, knowing they were headed to some pretty luxury digs!