imageI know I said I thought there would be enough reed canarygrass to get through this summer drought, but I was wrong. I cannot remember a summer like this in my lifetime here- all of August and September with virtually no rain! Plus ten more days of sun in the forecast for early October. I think we had a few sprinkles, and one good night of solid rain in all this time. This is not like the Northwest! 

There is still some grass left, but the ewes started to get ahead of it a week or two ago, and I could tell it wouldn’t last. So, I gave up and started gouging into my winter hay storage already, just for the ewes. The rams and butcher lambs are still doing well eating hillside grass in portable fencing, for now. I was hoping that the resting field would have done some good growth by now, so I could graze it in October, but it is just sitting.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and have a warm, wet fall and can extend grazing into December. I bought a little more hay than I estimated I’ll need, but this is really pushing it! If the spring is crappy, I’ll have to get another load of hay then.