Here’s a little follow-up on lambs I’ve mentioned in the past, in case you were wondering how they turned out.

Hermaphrodite Lamb:

“He” is hale and hardy, other than pee stains on his legs from confusion about whether to squat or stretch during urination. Winking smile His face looks very masculine and ram-like, but the scale suggests he’s more lady. He didn’t gain as well as his twin brother or most of the boys. He’s very tall and graceful- as a ewe, I would have been pleased to keep him. As it is, he’s destined for slaughter soon.

Dromedary Lamb:

Still bony, unattractive, and also underweight compared to his contemporaries. His face looks like no Katahdin I know, he has a very unusual head, with big jowls and a very ridge-ey nose. His wool is also atypical- very tight curls, wool-sheep-like, with a big Mohawk down his forehead. No regrets in castrating that guy.

Face-torn Lamb:

About three days into his healing, I could tell he was starting to feel poorly- head hanging a little, not so eager at the feed trough. I caught him to inspect, and smelled and saw nasty pus. Though mouth injuries often heal fast from the cleaning action of saliva flow, the location of this tear was allowing infection to build up in the pocket between his lip and gum. He had a temp, so I flushed the wound with water and gave him Penicillin G for 5 days. Miracles abound with antibiotics, an he was feeling chipper again in 24 hours, back to wolfing down food.

Withdrawal time on Pen-G is 9 days, so he’s in the clear already; though he probably won’t sell as a butcher lamb until January since he is on the small side. This is an example of one of the times when I feel that yes, a short course of antibiotics is quite warranted for the welfare of the animal; and probably has negligible impact on the meat we ultimately eat. And, why I feel “no antibiotics, ever” policies are misguided. Once you’ve seen how an animal that’s feeling miserable will bounce back after a day on drugs, I personally could never deny an animal that opportunity for improved comfort.

I was feeling pretty pleased with my sew job, but after two weeks, a small triangle sloughed off, and hung literally by a suture thread. I snipped it off. His lower lip is a little puckered and has a small gap. I guess I’m no cosmetic surgeon! Winking smile But the healing looks great- most of the tear was able to knit back together; so it turned out much better than if I hadn’t sewn it. What’s left is healthy scab and scarring, no more inflammation or infection. Yay!