Lambing is cruising along nicely, we’re up to 23 lambs out of twelve ewes so far. Of course, it’s a circus, it always is. I noted one ewe competently handling birth on her own, so let her be. Only to return later and see this: BabyStealer

This is #33 on the right. She is ten. She is not due until the 13th. But she figured she’d just get the show on the road by stealing somebody else’s freshly born baby.

The scent of her own fresh placental fluids sends a ewe into a maternal instinct frenzy. And occasionally, the scent of somebody else’s placental fluids can do the same thing. Both mamas were uttering their guttural come to mama and nurse grunts, and vigorously washing the baby off. The baby was terribly confused, with each mama trying to cut him off from the other lady and lead him away.

#33 has done this before. So she landed in jail, to cool her heels for a night. She objected profusely and kept calling desperately to “her” stolen lamb.


By the next day, she seemed to have accepted the loss. But she still hangs out near the set of twins, and answers them whenever they call. She looks like she’ll have triplets again, so soon enough, she’ll have her own babies to occupy her time.