HayStackingI’m feeling really caught up. I keep a yearly timeline in Excel, to track the various sheep chores that have to be done, to help me plan and stay on top of them. All of the things which are due post-lambing, and before August, are done! These include:

  • DNA test ram lambs for scrapie resistance prior to marketing them. Check.
  • De-worm ewes that need it. Check.
  • Trim ewes’ hooves. Check.
  • Submit blood tests for OPPV. Check.
  • De-worm lambs. Check.
  • Submit birth and 60-day weights to NSIP. Check.
  • Wean orphan lambs. Check.
  • Castrate lambs. Check.WeanedRams
  • Wean intact rams. Check.
  • Re-tag lambs with big tags.  Check.
  • Send cull sheep to butcher. Check.
  • Decide which sheep to sell and start advertising them. Check.
  • Send already-sold pet and feeder lambs to their new homes. Check.
  • Shop for and purchase a new ram. Check.
  • Buy hay for winter. Check.

HayLoadingThe next major chore comes at the beginning of August, when I will do 120-day weights on all the lambs. So I have a few weekends to play. Yeah!