bucks1Spotted these two bucks yesterday. A four-point and a six-point. They weren’t much afraid of me, I had to really push them to get them to move on.

Kirk is working his way to a goal of having 100 fruit trees, and these are some of this year’s plantings. Earlier, as I was grazing the rams through this area, some of them got out of the hotwire and did some damage to these trees. I decided to stop grazing the hillsides because of this. That decision had two drawbacks: now we have a lot more to mow, and also a lot less grass to graze. But I felt like until I could get a more reliable fencing setup, it wasn’t worth risking the  trees.

Bucks2Usually we don’t have a lot of deer come right into our yard, or inside our fenced fields. I think the barking dogs tend to deter them. This has been a good thing for the fruit trees and gardens. But we’ve seen these guys a couple of times. One morning they were grazing in the pastures with a couple of does. The dogs, still snoozing in the early hours, didn’t notice. And now, yesterday, they were right by the house and barn, helping themselves to the tender growth of these young trees.

Bucks3So, we will probably have to do some kind of tall, mini-fences around the trees to keep all ruminants, domestic and wild, from munching on them. But that means maybe I’ll get some graze back. I’m starting to need it, since we haven’t had much rain this summer!