This great blue heron has been hanging around our house for the last few days. I think he’s a juvenile- he looks a little fuzzy, still, and his flying is a bit clumsy (though, adult herons never look very graceful in flight either). He clipped the trees once after being rousted into flight from the wood pile by a silly border collie. My Nikon camera was out for repair, so this zoom was the best I could do with the Kodak. I wish you could see his crest, it’s still a little frazzled with downy feathers, like a Muppet.


We see blue herons all the time, but they usually are way out in the fields and ditches, and occasionally sit on fence posts. They are normally sensitive to human presence, and don’t let you get too close. So it’s peculiar to see one hanging out by the barn and chicken houses. As he sat atop the wood pile, swallows dive-bombed him, unhappy about his proximity to their nest. When he moved to perch atop a chicken house, the chickens got all up-in-arms. It’s funny how smaller birds hate bigger birds.

I haven’t seen any adult herons near him, so he must be on his own; hopefully he’s doing ok. I don’t have any spare frogs to offer him!