I have several dog houses out in our permanently fenced fields, to ensure that the guardian dogs have shelter if they need or want it. They rarely use them, however. Even Moses, who preferred shelter in his first year or so here, has now fully transitioned from house/kennel dog to grubby outdoor dog. He consistently lays out in the rain instead of taking shelter. Both dogs do look for shade on hot days, but seem to prefer the snippets offered by long grass at the perimeters, rather than the fuller shade that a roof provides.

When I graze the sheep through unfenced areas using portable hotwire, a dog usually goes with them, at least at night. For a while, I was dragging a Dogloo around to provide the obligatory shelter in these moving pens. This works, Dogloos are fairly portable; but they are still heavy and unwieldy to move. I was cursing doing this, because I feel like it’s mostly for show. The dogs don’t lay in them, but at least when people drive by, they can clearly see a dog house available, so I can avoid any complaints or misperceptions.

This summer my husband bought a small, cheap-o $20 tent to use for camping, but decided he didn’t like it because it didn’t quite fit his air mattress. So, he donated it to the dogs as a portable shelter. It is much easier to tote around.

I’ve confirmed Moses is willing to get inside, as I can throw treats in there and he’ll go in and eat them. But he is shunning it for actual use as a shelter. Based on this, I know for certain that Bronte will not bother with it either; she is even more weather-oblivious. Oh well, there is just no accounting for a dog’s taste. So, there you go: it’s a pup tent, dutifully put there solely for public perception.