Got this info tonight about a dog missing in our area, as of Sunday Sept 22nd. I know a lot of neighbors read, so I’m using the power of social media to help find her.

She was last seen at the intersection of of 127 Avenue SE and 132 Street SE, Snohomish (Lord Hill West area). She was being dog-sat here, so is not familiar with the area.

Maggie is about 10 years old, is medium size and is a mixed breed with a short yellow/orange coat. She was wearing a collar, though it’s unclear what the color it is and whether her tags were on (probably).  Though she is filthy dirty from running through farm land. She is apparently very shy.

I have contact info if she is spotted. Keep your eyes peeled!

9/25/13 Update: Found! Yay! Here is a picture of Maggie, back at home in bed!