I haven’t written in forever about projects related to restoring our 1929 house. That’s because it’s been forever since we’ve worked on one. I’m renewing efforts in that department.

Our upstairs has reclaimed fir flooring from another, twin house which was two doors down from this one, back when it “lived” in downtown Snohomish. The other house was demolished, but I was able to snag all of its goods before that happened. That flooring was a mix of darkened, original-stain, and paint-overspray-under-carpet. I can’t remember when we put the flooring down in this house, maybe back in 2009? Here’s what it looks like in its uninspiring natural state:

I’m sure some people thought we were crazy laying such flooring down as “new.” But, sanded down, the hidden gorgeousness of fir emerges:

This baby is ready for finish to be put down. Actually, it was ready nearly three years ago, when I sanded it on my Christmas vacation. Only, I got distracted by other stuff, and let it sit. Without sanding the corners, or vacuuming it, or picking up a pair of gloves and a sanding disc that were sitting there. This abandonment cost me: with the sun streaming in the window, the raw wood developed a patina; everywhere except where piles of dust sat, and the gloves, and the sanding disc. So, there were  blotches.

So, today, I got to sand it again. Thankfully, it only took a couple of hours to touch it up. This time, I’m going to get the finish down asap! And then maybe some trim. And light fixtures. And then the room will be done.