We went razor clamming last weekend. We easily got our limit both days we were there, which rendered about nine pounds of clam meat when all was said and done. Grayland,WA is aptly named; our coastal beaches in winter seem to have more shades of gray than one would think possible. But, beaches in winter here are desolate; miles of endless, private recreation for two border collies, who aren’t deterred in the least by cold water and whipping wind. And the weather had some good windows, where it wasn’t too cold or wet. As long as you bring about ten changes of dry clothes, you are fine. Winking smile

Kirk just got a GoPro video camera, and has been filming every livin’ thing in the last week. Here I am, digging a clam. The  GoPro has a wide-angle lens, so the view is a bit weird, it looks as if I’m on a tiny planet.

Razor clamming Grayland Beach, WA