My old lady, KRK #33, had a single lamb this year. You may recall, last summer, I had some minor cosmetic surgery done on her teats, to remove some warts and make them more nurse-able. This was a success, her lamb is nursing both sides equally and with ease; and her udder is in great shape. I’m forgiving of her having a single, because she is, well, eleven years old. She had a really nice ewelamb, one which I will likely keep, out of a new ram I bought. I’m happy to be able to retain the genetics for such longevity and vigor in a ewe; not to mention her prolificacy- this is her twenty-seventh lamb!

But poor 33 has had a bum rear leg since breeding time in November. I don’t think it’s a hoof problem, I think it’s a soft tissue injury, maybe a problem all the way up in her hip, or even a fracture. She spent the whole winter in the barn. I hoped if she didn’t walk much, it would heal. She is pretty lazy energy-efficient. So, I think she was just as happy to be indoors and doing nothing as being out with the herd getting exercise during winter.

The lameness did subside with rest. However, all during her pregnancy, I could tell she was still treating the leg gingerly. Now that she’s got the pregnancy weight behind her, and her lamb is doing well, I’ve turned her back outside.  I suspect her vote would be to limp in order to graze the fabulous green grass and snooze in the sunshine, rather than continue to eat hay in the dark barn. I’ll let her raise her lamb out through the summer, and see how that leg does. If she’s still lame, this will have to be the end of the line for her; as I wouldn’t feel right asking her to carry another pregnancy on it. But I’d like to hope I could get one more year, and one more lamb out of her. She’s one of my best ewes!