This summer has been busy, rotating two groups of sheep through grass, taking advantage of the long daylight hours to get things repaired and improved, and taking a few breaks to go camping.

Sheep have been selling like hotcakes. I’ve had buyers clamoring to make deposits on seed stock before I could even get all my “for sale” decisions made and posted on my website. I just started “officially” advertising on craigslist last week, but already, half my sheep are sold! Butcher lambs are in the same boat: I anticipate them all being sold by the end of the summer.

I always get a range of buyers with different goals, which makes it great for selling sheep, as there is something for everyone. Some buyers have money to spend, and want top-dollar sheep, the cream of the crop. Other people just want to breed a few ewes to have lamb for themselves and a couple to sell, and they often ask for “the cheapest” ones. I also have quite a few pet buyers, who never intend to breed their sheep, and are happy with the “runt of the litter” types of lambs- bottle lambs, slow growers, etc. Everything else lands on the butcher lamb list.

I’m going to try to bump up to sixty ewes this winter, to try to produce more to meet the demand. I’ve been checking around with the few people left in our region who are in the SFCP, from whom I can buy. I tell ya, some breeders make it hard to buy from. Belated callbacks and/or email responses, disorganized records, or inability to send records and photos, makes it hard to be able to choose sheep, or rely on an arrangement to buy them. I’m not a big fan of just arriving to pick from a pen full of sheep; but it’s hard to find anyone who can just provide all the important data up-front to make selection easy!