We are going to try the compost trial again this year. Last year, we didn’t see a noticeable difference in the performance of pasture grass where the compost was applied. It might have been because we got it on late, and didn’t have much rainfall all summer after that. It might have also been that the application layer was too thin. Or, it’s also possible we just won’t see a dramatic affect, if our soil quality is already really high.

But, since the material is free, it’s worth trying again, to see if we can elicit any positive affect. Some of the other folks in the trial have seen very good results. When used on pastures that were neglected, the response was apparently very rapid. One Christmas tree farmer reported that his tree crop was ahead a full year in growth in the compost area. So, there is definitely reason to believe it’s a good practice, at least in some applications.

This year, we hope to get it spread earlier, counting on the spreader not being broken at the time we need to borrow it. And, we’re going to apply the same amount to the same spot, but half the area size, to see if it makes a more noticeable affect. So, maybe if we can get it down before the last of the spring rains, it’ll settle in to the soil better and provide more benefit. I also wonder if last year’s application won’t start to show improvement in this year’s spring grass growth?

Lambing starts for me next week, looking forward to the big event! Everything is set to go, lambing gear bag is packed, equipment is stocked, and the ewes are looking good.