Our subsidized-lifestyle sheep, Jimmy Niblets, Esq.; aka Larry the Proposal Lamb, was a cover boy this month on the spring issue of New American Homesteader magazine. Back in December, a local writer-photographer team, Maureen Finn and Kimberly Taylor, were looking for sites to photograph to support an article they were writing on sheep rearing basics. 

It’s tough to find non-muddy locations that time of year. We had some decent sections of the sacrifice area that were at least dead grass, though still far from summer pastoral. Fortunately, photographers can do amazing things with limited opportunity. Also on the magazine cover is a small cameo of me showing how to hold a sheep by the head; demonstrating on JN, who was somewhat taking offense to being treated like a sheep.

In the article, there is another photo of my hands holding a butcher lamb, and a placid photo of some of my ewes just hanging out in the boring wintertime. I think the other sheep in the article photos are Maureen’s cute Shetlands.

I emailed Jimmy’s benefactors to let them know, and they rushed out to find the magazine, which it turned out, is on Fred Meyer shelves. I picked up a couple copies as well, one to frame and hang in the barn. Some of my Katahdin Facebook friends noted it, as you can see the ear tag well enough to spot our farm name. It’s funny to think, of all the quality breeding Katahdins in the world, that this dork made the cover; but he’s not a bad lookin’ wether, he stays tidy year-round. He’s always getting in the business of any farm visitor, and photobombs most portraits, so this is no surprise. Gentlemen of a certain standing in society just can’t escape the paparazzi, so might as well strike a pose.