A few weeks ago, the county was doing some road work near us. They must have had a lot of dump trucks to stage, as they were parked all over the place in the early morning when I drove to work. One of them decided to park in our pasture driveway. Not a big deal, but he backed way down off the road, and off of the gravel apron. Into the Mukilteo Muck. Kirk wondered aloud, “why did  he back so far in? He’s probably going to get stuck!” Maybe he was trying to make room for a second truck to park in front of him, I don’t know.

Well, sure enough, he did get stuck. Another truck had to pull him out. Leaving some really big ruts behind. I waited a week or so, curious to see if the driver would return to clean up the mess he made, or fess up to his supervisor and have someone sent out to do it. Nope. So, I sent a quick email to the county, asking them to send someone to come and tidy it up. Within minutes, I got a reply saying a ticket had been logged.

I envisioned that a laborer with a shovel would come out in a few days and do twenty minutes of hand work. Also nope. Within a few hours, this is what appeared:


An entire crew! What we have here are: a supervisor pickup, a pickup with a flatbed trailer, two dump trucks, an excavator, a flagger crew up the road, and a lot of people. I drove down in the ATV to say thanks, and they were apologetic about the ruts. They did a nice job of putting gravel down and smoothing out the ruts, they added a bit of gravel at the pavement edge to improve the transition, and left the driveway in a little better condition that it was before. I’m not sure whether to be pleased at the quick response and good repair, or a little mystified at a possibly overkill response on taxpayer dime. But, maybe they were on the way to or from another job and it was easy enough for them to stop in and do this thirty minute task. It was nice, anyway, that they got it done so fast, and done splendidly.