Went prancing by our farm today. My mom called to say they’d seen it, and to be on the lookout when it made its way towards our house a few minutes later. I was sorta ready with my phone camera, except I thought they were coming from the other direction, so I didn’t get a close-up of the bride-and-groom white horse-drawn carriage. You can click on the photos to see bigger versions of them.


The wagon was followed by a trailer carrying a brass band dressed in gold. I didn’t get a great photo of that either, but you can see the tuba, and they were playing some jaunty party tunes.


Next came a flood of a few dozen jigging horses in fancy parade tack, with riders dressed in flashy costumes.


And what Mexican wedding parade doesn’t have riders all with their cell phones out, talking and photographing while they ride!?!


This guy stopped to talk to a dressy couple parked in our driveway, waiting to take up the rear. Look at that saddle horn and beaded rein… And what a beautiful sombrero. FancyTack

The horses were all bomb-proof types that barreled along confidently amid cars and band cacophony, this was clearly not their first parade. Not to be ignored, poop scooper guy was scraping horse apples off the pavement Open-mouthed smile: PoopScooperGuy

They were flanked front and rear by police escorts, so I imagine they had to pay a chunk of change for a parade permit along this route, and overtime for Sunday escorts. Following them were several high-end six-horse trailers, presumably ready to haul the horses home when they were done. It struck me that this was about a quarter million dollars walking down the street…


They were moving at a good clip, but still they caused a traffic backup on our 40 MPH road, where people are used to driving sixty. Some drivers were getting impatient, but c’mon, if  you are too busy to spare an extra ten minutes for a fancy Mexican wedding parade to pass through, you are too busy. You don’t see this kind of lovely spectacle every day. Parade2

In just a few minutes they passed out of view around the bend. What a splendid interrupt to our day of vaccinating and de-worming lambs!