HayTrucksOur hay was delivered a couple of weeks ago, it’s always nice to have that milestone checked off the list. 37 tons, which is just about what I used last year. This was four long flatbed trucks and a trailer’s worth.


The boys got held up on the way here the first day. One truck was pulled over by State Patrol for an inspection (which they passed, but it took time). Another blew out a tire and had to stop to wait for a service truck to bring a new one. Naturally, the third truck and trailer that made it here on time was not the one that had the elevators on it! So, they had to wait for the others to arrive. They were here til after 11pm the first day, then a half a day the next day to finish the last truck.

Thankful for their commitment to get the job done, as it’s a lot of work, in a hot, hot hayloft. The quality of the hay looks very fine. Ready for winter!